Adopt a Flight of Butterflies!

Adopt a Flight of Butterflies!

November 10, 2019 all-day

purchase a set of butterfliesAdopt an Assortment of “Flutter” Butterflies

While the Monarchs fly to Mexico, some of our handpainted Flutter butterflies could be flying your way!

The Mylar butterflies from our Flutter 3 art installation will be taken down November 3 and are available for you to own!  In addition, for each $25 purchase, we will send a donation to the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy to support their efforts to increase pollinators throughout Loudoun County.

An assortment of five colorful butterflies will be mailed to you on November 8th.  These beautiful handpainted butterflies will remind you all year of the critical roll that pollinators play in our ecosystem.

Thank you for supporting the arts at 868 as well as Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy through your purchase.

Enjoy the Flutter!

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